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Updates from Meadow Brook Band!

Dear Band Families,

We hope you have had a fantastic start to your new year! We wanted to reach out and give you a few quick updates from the directors.

  1. As the “shiny and new” wears off the instruments, it is imperative that your students continue to practice daily. We are learning more difficult skills at this point in the semester, and those who are not practicing outside of class time will have a larger risk of falling behind.

  2. Please make sure your students have the proper supplies. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your child's director.

  3. We are starting to endorse private lessons. These are a fantastic way for students to get weekly, one-on-one help on their instrument. Whether the student is advancing very quickly on their instrument and needs more of a challenge than the daily classwork, or the student may be struggling in some areas, private lesson curriculum will be directed toward your student's needs. These will come at an additional cost, but are very beneficial! Please contact your student's director if you are interested. We have outstanding private teachers who are fully endorsed by the directors.

  4. SAVE THE DATE!!!! These were given out at the beginning of the year, but please make sure they are on your calendar. We understand how busy weekends can be, so please be aware of these dates. :)

SATURDAY, April 6th--Solo Performance Opportunity at Mustang High School (About a 30 minute commitment for each student. Specific time requests will be honored if possible). This is NOT required, but highly encouraged. More information to follow soon.

SATURDAY, April 13th--Band Festival at Deer Creek Performing Arts Center (Time TBD, but will be required for a grade). More info to come! Spectators are welcome to attend!!

SATURDAY, May 4th--SPRING BAND CONCERT!!! You will not want to miss! This is required for a grade. (Time TBD) Spectators welcome! Concert will be at the MHS Events Center.

We will send out times, itineraries, and more information as soon as we can!!

*We will also be performing at Meadow Brook on Wednesday, February 13th to recruit 5th grader's for next year's band!! The recruitment concert will be at 9:30 AM in the cafeteria. It will be a short performance, probably only 15 minutes or so. Students will be excused from their classes.*

*We are also hoping to take a field trip to the OKC Philharmonic, but that is still in the works. Stay tuned!*

Thank you for being such supportive band parents!

Mrs. Tracy (contact for Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Percussion) Mr. Chai (contact for Trumpet, Trombone) Mr. Ozinga (ccontact for Percussion)

MNMS Band Winter Concert Information


Date: Tuesday, December 11

Time: 7:00 p.m. (See below for specific info. for your band)

Place: Mustang High School Fine Arts Auditorium

Wear: Concert black

Required for all band students, double test grade earned for performance

All performances will be on stage in the auditorium. Call times and warm-up info:

1st period band: Warm-up on stage at 6:40 p.m., perform at 7:00 p.m.

4th period band: Warm-up in choir room at 6:45 p.m., perform at 7:15

2nd period band: Warm-up in big band room at 7:00 p.m., perform at 7:30

5rd period band: Warm-up in choir room at 7:20, perform at 7:50

3rd period band: Warm-up in big band room at 7:40, perform at 8:10


After your band is finished performing, you may either

1.) Meet your parents and leave, or 2.) Put your instrument away and sit with your parents to watch more bands. You may not sit unaccompanied by an adult in the auditorium.

Please be careful with your things after the performance. Take your instrument with you, and don’t forget your binder and other possessions. Also, do not forget to bring your band stuff to school the next day...we will be taking double deductions on participation grades for students who do not bring all necessary items to school on Wednesday.

Invite your friends and family! It’s going to be a great evening, and we want you to have an experience you’ll remember. Practice up! Let’s make this the best concert EVER!!!

Meadow Brook Winter Band Concert on December 6th!

Thursday, December 6th at 7:00 PM

Meadow Brook Intermediate Cafeteria

Hello Meadow Brook Band Families!

We are so excited to share all of the things we have learned so far this year! The students have been doing very well! This concert will combine all five classes of bands at Meadow Brook, for a total of 90 students! We will have a rehearsal the day of the concert during Life Apps time.

Important information:

  1. Please make sure your student arrives to the Meadow Brook band room NO LATER than 6:30 PM on Thursday, December 6th.

  2. Please think about allowing extra time because there are limited spots in the parking lots. You may park in the front of the school, the drop-off lot, or in the back by the bus garage. There should be plenty of space for everyone, but you may have to walk a bit.

  3. The concert will probably only last about 45 minutes.

  4. Students will wear their Red Meadow Brook Band t-shirt, their nicest, darkest wash jeans

    (black jeans are fine), and nice-looking shoes (no sandals, please).

  5. This concert will count for a large portion of the 9 week grade! This date was given out at

    the beginning of the year, so hopefully your calendar has already been marked! :)

  6. If you have any questions about the concert, please email Mrs. Tracy at​.

We are looking forward to a great show! Please encourage your student to practice their instrument over Thanksgiving break. They will lose a lot of developed “face muscle” if they do not play their instrument. I always encourage students to perform for their families and loved ones that they see over Thanksgiving!

Thank you,
Mrs. Tracy, Mr. Chai, and Mr. Ozinga

2018 Concert Band Auditions

Flute Audition Submission-


Oboe Audition Submission-


Bassoon Audition Submission-


Clarinet Audition Submission-


Bass Clarinet Audition Submission-


Saxophone Audition Submission-


Trumpet Audition Submission-


Horn Audition Submission-


Trombone Audition Submission-


Euphonium Audition Submission-


Tuba Audition Submission-

CODA News 9//21

Students should have completed their CODA registration by now.  Any entries after today will cost extra to get registered due to CODA policy.

All students are encouraged to attend before and after school help sessions.  Mrs. Watson is usually available by 7:30 most mornings.  After school help sessions are available Monday - Thursday until 5:00pm.  Students need to attend at least one session per week, but are welcome to atten more.


MBI Band Calendar

Meadow Brook Intermediate 6th Grade Band 2018-19 Calendar Dates


**Dates in BOLD are required**

 Friday, September 21


 “Fair-Share Celebration”

Depart MBI 10:30 AM,

Return by 2:15 PM

Incredible Pizza

Thursday, December 6

 First Concert Performance!! (Required for a grade)

6:00-8:00 PM

Meadow Brook Cafeteria

February (TBD)

 Perform for 5th Graders!

Time TBD

(During School)

Meadow Brook Intermediate

Saturday, April 6

 Solo Performance Day


Mustang High School

Saturday, April 13

 Performance at Festival/Contest!!

 (Required for a grade)


Deer Creek

Saturday,  May 4

 Spring Concert Performance!!

 (Required for a grade)


MHS Events Center


Date to be determined:

-Oklahoma City Philharmonic performance at Civic Center (field trip during school)

CODA Information

CODA is an honor band composed of students from school districts in the OKC metro area.  Think of it as an "All-Star Band" in which students are auditioning to place in this band.  More information can be found at the CODA website.  Auditions take place on Saturday, November 3rd at Edmond Santa Fe High School.  The CODA clinic takes place at Norman North High School and the University of Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday, January 11-12.  If you are interested in auditioning for CODA, please fill out this entry form.

Class Schedule

1st Hour - Concert Band II (Watson)

2nd Hour - Symphonic Band II (Chai)

3rd Hour - Wind Ensemble (Ozinga)

4th Hour - Concert Band I (Watson)


5th Hour - Symphonic Band I (Chai)