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2018 Concert Band Auditions

Flute Audition Submission-


Oboe Audition Submission-


Bassoon Audition Submission-


Clarinet Audition Submission-


Bass Clarinet Audition Submission-


Saxophone Audition Submission-


Trumpet Audition Submission-


Horn Audition Submission-


Trombone Audition Submission-


Euphonium Audition Submission-


Tuba Audition Submission-

CODA News 9//21

Students should have completed their CODA registration by now.  Any entries after today will cost extra to get registered due to CODA policy.

All students are encouraged to attend before and after school help sessions.  Mrs. Watson is usually available by 7:30 most mornings.  After school help sessions are available Monday - Thursday until 5:00pm.  Students need to attend at least one session per week, but are welcome to atten more.


Football Game Performance September 27

All Mustang Middle School Band Students will perform for the football games on Thursday, September 27. Performance times will be from 6:00 - 8:00. Students will have a pizza dinner from 4:45 to 5:30PM from Pizza Hut. Students should plan to wear their brand new band t-shirt and jeans.



MBI Band Calendar

Meadow Brook Intermediate 6th Grade Band 2018-19 Calendar Dates


**Dates in BOLD are required**

 Friday, September 21


 “Fair-Share Celebration”

Depart MBI 10:30 AM,

Return by 2:15 PM

Incredible Pizza

Thursday, December 6

 First Concert Performance!! (Required for a grade)

6:00-8:00 PM

Meadow Brook Cafeteria

February (TBD)

 Perform for 5th Graders!

Time TBD

(During School)

Meadow Brook Intermediate

Saturday, April 6

 Solo Performance Day


Mustang High School

Saturday, April 13

 Performance at Festival/Contest!!

 (Required for a grade)


Deer Creek

Saturday,  May 4

 Spring Concert Performance!!

 (Required for a grade)


MHS Events Center


Date to be determined:

-Oklahoma City Philharmonic performance at Civic Center (field trip during school)

CODA Information

CODA is an honor band composed of students from school districts in the OKC metro area.  Think of it as an "All-Star Band" in which students are auditioning to place in this band.  More information can be found at the CODA website.  Auditions take place on Saturday, November 3rd at Edmond Santa Fe High School.  The CODA clinic takes place at Norman North High School and the University of Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday, January 11-12.  If you are interested in auditioning for CODA, please fill out this entry form.

Class Schedule

1st Hour - Concert Band II (Watson)

2nd Hour - Symphonic Band II (Chai)

3rd Hour - Wind Ensemble (Ozinga)

4th Hour - Concert Band I (Watson)


5th Hour - Symphonic Band I (Chai)


Canyon Ridge Intermediate School

6th Grade Band Calendar


Tuesday, Aug. 21 and Thursday, Aug. 23

Instrument Rental Events (Tuesday, Palen Music; Thursday, Larsen Music)

Location: Mustang High School Band Room

Time: 4-8 P.M. Come and go (No need to attend both events, you will not be there the

         whole time.)

For: Any beginning band students and parents who wish to shop in Mustang from       

       teacher-approved vendors.


Monday, Aug. 27

Band-A-Palooza Fundraiser Kick-Off

Location: CRI

Time: During class

For: All CRI students


Wednesday, Sept. 12

Band-A-Palooza Fundraiser Money Day

Location: CRI

Time: Before school (optional) and during class

For: All students who raised money for the band


Friday, Sept. 21

Band-A-Palooza Fair-Share Celebration

Location: Incredible Pizza

Time: Depart CRI 10:30 a.m., return by 2:15 p.m.

For: All students who achieved “FAIR SHARE” earnings on the fundraiser


Thursday, Dec. 6

Winter CRI Bands Concert

Location: CRI

Time: Woodwinds, Call-Time 6:10 p.m., Concert starts at 6:30

         Brasses, Call-Time 7:15, Concert starts at 7:30 p.m.

For: All CRI Band students REQUIRED!


Saturday, April 13

Deer Creek Invitational Band Contest

Location: Deer Creek Middle School

Time: All morning through mid-afternoon

For: All CRI Band students  REQUIRED 


Saturday, May 4

Mustang Day of Bands

Location: Mustang High School Event Center

Time: 1:00 p.m.



Events yet to be scheduled:

OKC Philharmonic Performance

Performance for 5th graders