Mustang Central Middle School Bands

Mustang Central Middle School Bands

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Central Middle School News

The New Normal

The first thing we need to say is that our primary concern during this time is our students and their families.  To that end, we want to communicate as clearly and precisely as we can.  Please make sure that you have joined the remind for your class.  This is the fastest way to get information that pertains to band alone.  You can find information on how to join in the band handbook in "MCMS Files" to the right of this page. 

The New Normal - Google Classroom

All course informaiton and projects are posted in Google Classroom.  All band students who had not joined previously, have been invited to their repective band Google Classrooms.  When they log into Google Classroom, theri band class should appear. If they have not already joined, there will be an option on the bottom of the class to join.  Once that button is clicked, they have access to the classroom with all the informaiton.  The navigation in Google Classroom is very straight forward, but you can always contact Dr. Raiber or Mrs. Tracy via email and we will be happy to help.

The New Normal - Office Hours

Dr. Raiber and Mrs. Tracy will be availbale every Wednesday morning from 9:00 - 9:30 via Google Hangout.  You can find the links for those hangouts on Google Classroom.  These are times for students to get clarifications about projects/assignments or to share some of the work they have already compelted.  We LOVE seeing our students and would hope that they can all join us each week for these meetings.  As the assignments are the same for each band, please feel free to join either Mrs. Tracy's hangout or Dr. Raiber's hangout.  Both will be posted in each Google Classroom site.

OSSAA Contest Itineraries

All three bands will be attending OSSAA District Contest, Tuesday March 10th.  There are itineraries for each group: Concert Band (2nd hour), Symphonic Band (3rd Hour) and Wind Ensemble (7th hour) posted under "MCMS Files."  Students received copies of these on March 2nd.  Please note that Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students will need to be picked up from Mustang High School on the 10th, as we cannot get transportation back to Central at that time.